Hello, My name is Maiyo.

CHANGE is an inevitable part of life, most organisations and people resist it; I’m here to help you embrace and navigate it.

I’m a coach, inspirational speaker, facilitator and consultant; through my work, I support individuals and organisations to understand that change is a beautiful and necessary part of growth and progress. An organisations success is inseparable from the success of the individuals within it; thus, self-mastery and personal-development form the backbone of my work to drive a culture of self-accountability.

I’ve attended the Change Creator programme by Stanley Beckett and an endorsed Change Creator coach; I am an alumni of Motivating the Masses – Speak and Write for Profit training and; the JTFoxx Mega Speaker High-Level Speaker training.

As a facilitator, I’m engaging and thought-provoking with a wide range of skills including problem-solving, team management and communication. I actively encourage participants to collaborate and think creatively as they explore a topic or issue.

Some of my recent work includes inspirational talks around change management and purpose, and; individual coaching for results in a specific area. I have also facilitated nationwide Women Power Workshops that were held in all 9 provinces of South Africa.

I am also the managing director/managing consultant of Native Worx, a boutique consultancy that creates strategic and relevant solutions in change leadership and organisational re-alignment communication. We do this through combining our subject matter knowledge with project management skills to create a practical and integrated plan that brings your strategy to life.

I began my career in Wales United Kingdom where I attended primary and high school. I then relocated to South Africa where I did my post-school education.

I’ve lived and travelled to different parts of the world including Ghana, USA, Uganda, Wales, Zambia, Swaziland and Tanzania to mention a few. I am the quintessential cosmopolitan African with a working knowledge of many African cultures and customs; a strength I use to win over diverse audiences.

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.”