CHANGE happens in organisations in many ways – product, leadership, strategic, etc. In recent times technological changes have come to the fore with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) as CHANGE management plays an important role during the implementation of new technology.

Whatever the CHANGE may be, the goal of any CHANGE management process should be to help management transition individuals and teams from a current state to a desired future state.

I deliver the following signature talks that are supportive to any change management process:

• CHANGE Management for Leaders
• Unleash Your Power For Career Success
• Brand You!

Most organisations struggle with CHANGE management because of the way it’s managed and communicated within the organisation. The ‘why’ of the CHANGE must be communicated clearly because when done correctly, CHANGE management can:

• Increase engagement between management and employees
• Reduce resistance and internal saboteurs
• Improve overall company performance
• Increase employee morale and foster a sense of belonging

“Resisting change is like holding your breath under water. You may be able to do it a little while, but do it long enough and you will die.” ~ Maiyo Febi